Analogue FPV First Flight

I set up a small quad with a contemporary FPV system.  In this case an 25mW ImmersionRC video transmitter using my GoPro 3 Black as the camera.  I had wanted to compare the latency of this system against that of the Raspberry Pi.  The problem is that I can’t use the GoPro to measure the latency of itself.  I need to see if I can borrow another one.  For now it was just nice to get out and fly.

The quad is a Quadrixette 30 from  It’s quite an old design now, but I like it because it is small (300mm), but still bale to carry some weight.  The flight controller is a OpenPilot CC3D and I’m using a Spektrum AR8000 receiver with telemetry module to report the flight battery voltage.

IMG_20150223_230817 IMG_20150223_230827

One of my club mates was also at the field with his Tricopter so we had some proximity flying.

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