5 responses to “Current Raspberry Pi FPV Scripts

      • “The video is sent over RTP (all using a GStreamer pipeline). Telemetry is sent over a custom protocol over UDP.”

        I’m looking for a more “pure” gstreamer solution, where the tlemetry data is muxed with video.

      • I’m afraid my experience of Gstreamer is limited to the command line.

        I believe there are two ways to achieve real time telemetry streaming in parallel to the video in gstreamer.
        1. Create a custom plugin to capture the telemetry and output it is a dummy audio stream.
        2. Use the appsrc element to insert data into a GStreamer pipeline. This is probably the better solution.

        Unfortunately, neither of these options can be achieved from gst-launch-1.0. If you find a solution please let me know.

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