Current Raspberry Pi FPV Scripts

I have created a page that will hold the latest bash scripts and configuration files for the Raspberry Pi and Laptop ends of the FPV link.

This will save having to work back through the posts to find them.

You can find the page here.


5 responses to “Current Raspberry Pi FPV Scripts

      • “The video is sent over RTP (all using a GStreamer pipeline). Telemetry is sent over a custom protocol over UDP.”

        I’m looking for a more “pure” gstreamer solution, where the tlemetry data is muxed with video.

      • I’m afraid my experience of Gstreamer is limited to the command line.

        I believe there are two ways to achieve real time telemetry streaming in parallel to the video in gstreamer.
        1. Create a custom plugin to capture the telemetry and output it is a dummy audio stream.
        2. Use the appsrc element to insert data into a GStreamer pipeline. This is probably the better solution.

        Unfortunately, neither of these options can be achieved from gst-launch-1.0. If you find a solution please let me know.

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