For some reason my Raspberry Pi has stopped working at the field.  Everything is fine on the bench, but as soon as it’s strapped to the the plane, the Laptop can’t connect. Without a monitor and keyboard at the field, I can’t diagnose the problem.

I have two thoughts on the matter.

1. The case and board are distorting due to the rubber bands, preventing the SD card from getting a full electrical connection.  I’ve made a platform for it to sit on which should hold everything flat.

2. Although the Pi is powered from a 3 Amp BEC, there is an internal limit to how much current it can supply to peripherals.  I have added the external amplified antenna to the Ultimate GPS Breakout and it maybe the extra current draw is causing problems.

To remedy this I have modified the wiring harness so that it can be powered directly.

While on the subject of the amplified antenna, I have also shortened the cable from its original 5 metres to something more manageable and removed the heavy permanent magnet from the housing.

Hopefully these measures should get things working again.


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